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With the 75 degrees being the average temperature in Kendall, a fully functioning air conditioning system is a must! This is an essential piece of appliances that controls and guarantees comfortable living in the area. However, if your AC is broken don’t despair and call our team for emergency air conditioning repair in Kendall. We provide fast full-serviced repairs at affordable prices. A major breakage or a small repair, a regular service or a one-time call, we are open to any type of cooperation. Contact us today to get your system back up and running in no time!

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Who we are

Our team is always ready to help with commercial and home AC repair in Kendall because we care about every client in need. We have been providing professional services for over a decade to ensure that your air conditioners are in the best shape! Here are the official achievements we are proud of:

  • BBB accreditation
  • ACCA and NADCA membership
  • Thousands of attended workshops and lectures
  • Professional contracts with major AC manufacturers
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Why choose us?

We are a trusted local HVAC contractor in Kendall. Any need of yours is a priority for us. Whenever you call our team for help, you get:

  • No “no’s”: We take on any Miami AC repair you have; from the smallest needs to the biggest commercial challenges. There is no too-big or too-small challenge for us!
  • All-in-one service: If you call us for an AC repair in Kendall and we see that some maintenance is needed, our technicians can complete it for you on the spot. Full-equipped trucks and experience can complete all services within one visit.
  • Budget pricing: Yes, air conditioning repair in Kendall may be pricey so we offer affordable pricing options to ensure that you leave in comfort.
  • Trained team: We work with all makes and models of modern air conditioners and know how to fix the unfixable old builds. Vast knowledge and excellent training are our speciality!

If you are interested in a professional HVAC contractor in Kendall, pick up your phone and request a free AC repair estimate with us!

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