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Being one of the most trusted companies for air duct cleaning in Miami we know that most homeowners and business people forget or neglect the need for cleaning their airways. And very often, our team is called on-site when it is almost too late to do anything. However, our technicians for AC duct cleaning in Miami never give up! We deal with the dirtiest and least pleasant experiences one may have with dirty ductwork: from the simple dust to rodents and viruses living in there. We will make your ducts literally sparkle for many years to come. Call today and start breathing easier tomorrow!

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What we do

While we focus on air duct cleaning in Miami FL, our team has many more competences to help you with any ductwork issue. So here is what we can offer:

  • Air duct cleaning. We will clean out dust, dirt, human and animal dander, allergens, and even get rid of the rodents in your ductwork. Anything besides the ducts will be removed from your home or business space.
  • Dryer vent cleaning. As well as regular ductwork, dryer vents require cleaning and maintenance. We are certified to provide this service as well to extend your ductwork lifespan.
  • Air filtration services. Besides cleaning the ductwork, we can also install, clean or replace special air filters to prevent contaminants from getting into your home. This can be a whole-house filter or a wide range of individual filtering solutions for every duct exit.
  • Preventative maintenance. This means that our team for air duct cleaning in Miami FL will come to your place once in a month, quarter, half a year, or a year to check the standard ductwork problems: leaks, forming rust or a more complex rot, rodents, and broken wires. We will then clean the ductwork and fix these minor problems on the spot.
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If you were looking for the best air duct cleaning in Miami, you have just found us! We offer many perks, such as:

  • Post-job cleaning
  • Extended payment solutions
  • 100% rate satisfaction (we will clean the ducts until you see your reflection in them)
  • Warranty and insurance for every completed project

Do not hesitate to pick up your phone and contact our team for more information. Whatever the scope or size of your project for air duct cleaning in Miami, we never refuse a challenge!

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