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Emergency AC repair in West Palm Beach FL

Every Florida resident knows about the hot summer days and the average temperatures in the state. So no wonder that many people find AC service in West Palm Beach more important than an accountant’s or lawyer’s assistance. We guard freshness and coolness of the indoor air for all dwellers of West Palm Beach and its surrounding neighborhoods. Should you spot any uncommon noise, odor or malfunctioning of your unit, call our team of AC service experts in West Palm Beach for a consultation. We will ensure that your Ac unit or central system is up and running in no time. One call today and a completely new experience tomorrow is guaranteed!

Top signs your air conditioner needs attention

Remember at all times that a properly maintained AC system breaks down much rarer than a neglected unit. Pay attention to your air conditioner to avoid the need for emergency air conditioner repair in West Palm Beach in the middle of a hot summer night. Here are the top signs to monitor in your AC system or unit:

  • Inability to maintain the set-up temperature
  • Leaking refrigerant
  • Water leakage
  • The unit blows in warm air instead of cooled air
  • Uncommon noises
  • Any kind of odor from the AC or its ductwork
  • The central unit turns on and off too quickly without cooling the space

Of course, there are other signs like frozen coils, that also signify the need for a contractor, yet they might not be as obvious. Should you spot any of the above, consult one of our technicians and get a free estimate for the services. This might be a minor need for the Freon replacement or a major repairs project for the whole system.

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Whether you suspect the need for air conditioning service in West Palm Beach FL or you have already spotted some malfunctioning signs in your unit, give us a call and get a discount today. Our AC service experts in West Palm Beach will schedule an appointment for the issue evaluation and calculate the cost for the required repairs.

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