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Quality air conditioning repair in Pembroke Pines FL

We offer professional AC repair in Pembroke Pines. It is affordable. It is reliable. It is local.

We have been proudly working as a local AC contractor in the area for over a decade. Whether you need a small switcher fix on your air conditioning unit or you require major repair of the whole-house system in your office, our team of experienced technicians can do it all. Emergency or regular service, holiday or average work-day – you can count on us. Flexible pricing and excellent service are just what you need for your home and business!

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When to call for AC repair in Pembroke Pines

Most often, the need for an AC repair would be apparent either when your unit/system gets major malfunctioning or in the process of a regular AC maintenance check-up. In the former case, you need to look for the obvious hints to look for:

  • The AC stopped cooling as it used to
  • The unit turns on and off too fast hence not cooling the space well enough
  • Uncommon sounds coming from the ductwork or the unit itself
  • The temperature set on the thermostat is never reached
  • The AC airflow is lower than it should be
  • You spot frozen coils
  • The water leaks from the unit

While most of the issues don’t require emergency assistance, pay attention to the leaks since they might cause mold and mildew problems that can cause a serious health hazard. In such cases, we strongly recommend calling for emergency air conditioning repair in Pembroke Pines FL.

Why choose us among dozens of other local teams?

  • Local experience
  • Professional certification with NADCA
  • High BBB ranking and reviews
  • Flexible pricing
  • Original parts
  • Labor and parts warranty
  • Emergency services
  • Same-day service

When you are looking for the best local AC repair in Pembroke Pines you know whom to contact! We are always ready for your calls, 24/7 lines are open for your emergency calls, consultations, and repair requests. Call us today and get a fully-operational unit by tomorrow!

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