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We provide a wide range of hvac service. We best hvac repair service and our well-experienced staff is ready to handle with any problem.
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HVAC Installation

Recovery HVAC has been serving the air conditioning installation of Miami for morethan 20 years. During that time, our customers have come to trust us for reliable service that’s both exceptional and fast.
Professional HVAC service

HVAC Replacement

Regular maintenance of your ac can help prolong the life of your heating system. If you need a HVAC Replacement service, we are always ready tohelp you!

HVAC Repair in Miami

Located in Miami – Recovery HVAC Miami has been serving Florida since 1976. As a premier service contractor, we have expertise in providing heating, air conditioning and duct cleaning quality solutions. Our primary goal is your Satisfaction! We are a professional organization which takes pride in providing comprehensive heating and cooling solutions, no matter the size or scope of the job.

We service all brands and take pride in our work!

Our Experience Shows! Our installations are the best in Miami.

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Get comfortable with local HVAC repair in Miami

78-86 degrees Fahrenheit is the average temperature in the area, so no wonder that you are looking for an HVAC contractor in Miami FL. We offer consultations, installations, maintenance, and repairs as well as a wide range of supplementary AC services for commercial spaces and cozy homes. Whenever you want to make your home cool again or plan to renovate your space with a whole-house solution, call us! Our experts will help you solve any air conditioning mystery!

Our services

  • Air conditioning installation
  • Air conditioning repair
  • Air conditioning maintenance

Yes, these are three basic categories of services that you will on every website of air conditioning contractors in Miami. But hides behind them?

We work with:

  • Central ACs (that can also be connected to the existing furnace or existing heating coils)
  • Mini-split ACs (ductless options for ductless houses)
  • Window ACs (single-room solutions)
  • Portable ACs (movable single-room solutions)
  • Hybrid ACs (running on both fossil fuels and electricity)
  • Geothermal cooling solutions (based on geothermal coil)
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Our offer

Every company would claim that it offers the best air conditioning repair in Miami, yet again, these are actions and facts that count. So here are a couple of facts about our team.

  • Free binding estimates for all spectrum of services: whether you book an installation with us or merely need to maintain your unit, we will come to your home and evaluate the scope and cost of the project for free
  • 10 years of experience: workshops, license tests, lecturers, and refresher courses are mandatory for all team members
  • Certification by the biggest brands in the area: we are certified to offer on-warranty services for the biggest air conditioning brands and we use only original parts for any air conditioning service in Miami
  • Emergency services at the cost of regular services: whether it is a weekend or a deep night, every case is an emergency for us so no higher costs are applicable
  • Extended warranty for parts and labor: 90-day warranty for labor and manufacturer’s warranty for all original parts used
  • Clear pricing with no added costs: whatever is in your estimate, you will pay no more; all rates are pre-discussed and agreed upon by both sides
  • Clean-up of your space after every intervention: we leave no trace after any installation, maintenance or AC repair in Miami FL

Whenever you need a reliable Miami FL AC repair, maintenance, or installation, give us a call. We will find the best solution, the best expert, and the best approach to whatever the issue might me. We are here to deliver top-notch air conditioning repair in Miami Florida for you!

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